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A crotchety young man

July 18, 2010

That’s what I am, I have come to realize. Partly in thanks to this guy.

I often say something ‘crotchety’, like, “Look at that guy’s pants! They’re so LOW!” And then realize a second later that the punk is a teenager like me and probably not much older. Sometimes they are even adults. I have realized that instead of a crotchety old man, I’m a crotchety young man. And to be honest, I’m not sure how this makes me feel, exactly. So I thought I’d compile a brief list-what of 10 things I hate that young-ish people do. Some of these things I do, and feel guilty with myself for. But I shan’t mention those!

1. The low-pants thing. it’s just stupid, and one way of doing it makes you lose the function of one arm entirely as it has to literally hold them up.

2. Energy drinks. Gross, gross, gross, ugh, gross.

3. Texting all the time.

4. Twitter. I want to use it, but ever so reluctantly.

5. Facebook. Some people are just addicted to that. I mean, sadly addicted; as opposed to mildly addicted as I am.

6. Loud music. really, really annoying, especially when people blast it from their cars. I don’t want to hear YOUR loud music!

7. ‘Tricking out’ cars. Bleargh.

8. Ordering through drive-thrus. Any drive , save for Chick-Fil-A’s. They make it like walking on heavenly, glowing clouds.

9. Pop music. Annoying, most of the time bad, and very silly and celebrity-fied. Real bands don’t have that… celebrity thing. You won’t see Death Cab for Cutie or Maroon 5 or anyone like that on the cover of People and US Weekly and all that.

And number 10. People that constantly listen to their iPods wherever they go. I mean, come on! Tune in! People have things to say! Stop being anti-social, punk!

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