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Pointless questions

July 14, 2010

So you may have seen John Green, Charlie McDonnell(That’s him up there^), and a few others do a Question Tuesday thing, in which they answered a whole bunch of pointless questions generally about themselves in a very short amount of time. So I decided to get the Raccoon to make a list of pointless generally personal questions and I’ll answer them. Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll make a Question Tuesday video. Perhaps.

Hello? Hello?
Name? Jake!
Age? 14!
Gender? …male.
Eyes? Blue.
Body? Wimpy.
Place? Somewhere.
Siblings? Three!
Favorite person? Um…
Hero? Four of them!
Can you name one? Adam Savage!
Really? Yes!
Clothing? Usually.
T-shirts? Smart people wear them.
Favorite t-shirt? No favorite.
Soda? I’m a Pepper!
Food? Pizza!
Pizza? Pizza!
Redundant? Always.
Always? Always.
Vans or Converse? Both!
Country? America!
Other country? Britain.
Braces? Soon not to be.
Hats? Mostly always.
Lazy? Yep.
Like TV? Yes and no.
Keep up with news? Stressful.
Politics? Interest!
Skinny or straight jeans? Skinny!
Color? The absence of color.
Eh? Eh?
EH? I mean white.
Oh? Yes. Get back to the questions!
Sorry. Not a question!
Bread? Sourdough!
Read? Of course!
Twilight? Never!
Harry Potter? Never!
Magic and vampires? I answered this!
Favorite book? (s). Artemis Fowl.
Write? Always.
Published? NO!
Fiction or non? Lying is funner.
Dogs or cats? Dogs!
Pet? Dog.
Socks? Mm.
Smoothies? Sometimes.
Films? Heck yes!
Favorite film? Couldn’t name a favorite.
Could you name one of them? Sherlock Holmes.
Stop motion or CGI? Stop motion.
Accent? British.
Got any friends? What’s that supposed to mean?
Do you have any favorites of anything at all? Not really.
Are you considered boring? …
Blogging or vlogging? Both!
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, baby.
Like music? Who doesn’t?
Band? No favorite!
One you like(sigh)? Death Cab for Cutie.
Blonde or brunette? Both. *points to head*
Happy? Yeah!
Having fun? Maybe!
Got enough questions? No!
Sure? Sure!
Cereal? Yeah.
Favorite? Pops.
A favorite?? No. Also Frosted Flakes.
Thing you hate? PT Cruisers!
Coffee or tea? Neither.
Hair? Short.
Mac or PC? Guess.
iPhone? Want.
iPod? Have.
iPad? WANT.
iMac? Have.
iJustine? WANT. Oh, wait-
Text-laugh? Hehe.
LOL? Never!
Grammatically correct text-er? You know it.
Sports? Not really.
Outdoor recreational activity? Frisbee.
Outdoors or indoors? Depends.
Is this important? Very.
Should we keep going? Yes.
Artsy? Trying.
Fanboy? Yeah.
Random person? John Green!
Draw? Can’t.
Want to? Yes!
Photography? Yes!
Photoshop? Yes!
Can you say no? Yes!
Favorite word-thing? Doobleydoo.
Nikon or Canon? Nikon.
Video or still? Both simultaneously.
Is that so? Yes.
Quote? “Everyday objects can indeed be made dangerous-if Jamie makes a gun to launch them.”
Other quote? “I reject your reality, and substitute my own!”
Realize both are from the same guy? Yes!
Doubt yourself? Always!
Wash a cat or chew on arm? Arm-chew.
Liberal or conservative? I hang right.
Nicholas Cage? Sometimes.
Celebrity crush? Amy Adams.
Secret obsession? Charlie McDonnell! ;D
Charlie? Yeah, man.
Black or white? Gray.
Ready to end? No!
Really? Yes!
Yes? Really!
Last question? Isn’t it always.

With that profound ending, that concludes my little list. Thanks to the Raccoon for helping out. But: If you are reading this, please submit a question in this strange little format that you’d like to see me answer. Go on! Do it!

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