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Toy Story 3

June 20, 2010

Image belongs to Disney-Pixar

So this weekend my family went to see the new film, and I must say, we were pleased. Well worth the ridiculous price for admission, but that’s another story. If you haven’t seen the film, go and see it. I must warn you, I give most of it away.

The film is of course, the third installment in the Toy Story universe. And one of the only films that I was excited about having a second sequel. I mean, I’m never excited about yet another Snow Buddies flick, but this was special. It follows our heroes, Buzz and Woody, as their owner, Andy, heads off to college. In Toy Story 2, there is discussion of what will happen when Andy grows up. And now we get to see it. The film is fantastic, brilliant, awesome, witty, clever, smart, great, good, etc. With witty dialogue, sometimes touching moments, lovable and hatable lovable characters(Lotso, the bear), and superb animation quality, this movie gets five stars from me. Like that matters, right?

See, I grew up with Toy Story. The first one came out right before I was born, then the next one came out when I was four or five as my first movie in the theater, and now, ten years later my family and I go out and see the third. So it really brings my childhood full circle. The chara

123.cters are wonderfully the same, and I must admit I got a hollow feeling when they talked about all the other toys being given away at different points. It was just Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky, Hamm, Rex Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, and the three aliens. Also Barbie, which is Andy’s sister’s toy. It was an interesting ‘we’re the only ones left’ feeling, and now they were being gotten rid of. The toys accidentally end up at Sunnyside Daycare, which seems like the perfect place for them. The kids keep coming in, and they get played with every day, and they don’t get attached. Plus the leader of the Sunnyside toys is big and purple and smells like strawberries. As it turns out, he’s actually a bit of an evil dictator and keeps the toys in a system that he created. Andy’s toys get stuck in the Caterpillar room, with the pre-k kids, who just beat them up instead of playing with them properly, as opposed to the Butterfly room(Wink), where the kids play calmly and properly. When the toys try to move out of this situation, they run into Lotso’s system and there the conflict begins.

We get a whole cast of new characters as well, besides Lotso. There are the characters at Sunnyside, like Ken and Big Baby, and various others, and toys of a little girl’s named Bonnie. The story is compelling and, as mentioned, touching at times. My mother teared up when Andy’s mom hugged him goodbye as he left for college. Favorite scene? Easy: Woody gets plunked down in Bonnie’s room with her other dolls(A stuffed My Little Pony-like character, a lederhosen-wearing hedgehog, a plastic triceratops named Trixie, and a stuffed Totoro doll), and she leaves the room, leaving Woody to talk to the toys. The Pony says that they do a lot of improv around there.

There is one extremely creepy moment, when the toys go after Lotso’s security man, a character referred to only as The Monkey. He’s one of those little carnival monkeys that you wind up and they hit cymbals together, and he monitors all the security cameras in the building. Woody and Slinky take him down and tape him up, while he freaks out as only a monkey can, and goes wild with these crazy red and white eyes, all while in a creepy green light from the camera screens.

All in all, fantastic film. Please go see it. I hope to see it again in 3D when on vacation. Oh that reminds me… now I have to go and daydream about the beach. Goodbye!

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