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June 14, 2010

So yesterday, a fellow on YouTube commented on my Day 6 1/2 video(One of the few comments I get) and had this lovely wisdom to share:

Odd? Really?

So this got me thinking, am I odd? If so, I am proud of this odd-ness, and I told him so. I started thinking, “Well hey, you can’t bash me!” It’s a quick video mainly for my friends, who are really the only ones who watch me steadily.

I mean, my videos are clearly not the best you can find out there on the internet or anything, and they can be a bit boring at times, but this is really for myself and my friends if they want to waste their time. But they must be TERRIBLE for this guy to say,

Right? RIGHT?

Well no, as it turns out. I clicked back to this person’s YouTube page thing, and was both surprised and not surprised at all to find that his page was decked out in Call of Duty splendor. He’s apparently nine or so. And I’m 14. Big difference there. His videos are on such astute subjects as how to make an energy ball with your hands. What business does this kid have on my page saying my videos are odd? Hmm? And not make fun of him, each to their imaginary powered own, right? He is obviously not interested in writing, or been following me, so why is he commenting? This is a prime example of why I was reluctant to join YouTube. Every video is apparently fair game. Keep in mind I am doing this vlog about writing, and writing only(More or less). I am not trying to get a viral video. No silly home movie footage of people getting hit with golf balls in the nether regions. But people can’t seem to understand this on YouTube, especially not imaginary powered nine-year-olds named Syun. Or something like that.

Nine-year-olds should be restrained from wasting space on the internet with things like he is, and commenting on MY niche(NICHE!) videos. Give me a break. But I do have to give props to any nine-year-old who can figure out how to record(edit), and upload a video. And I don’t want to make fun of him(Okay, yes I do a little bit), but this bothers me a little. He shouldn’t have anything to say about my specifically targeted and subject(-ed) video. Sheesh. If you are reading this, do you agree? Or should I just accept that I’m odd and move on with my sad, sad life?

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  1. June 19, 2010 7:59 am

    Your headline “odd? raccoon crossing…” font size does not display well on my browser, (I just want to inform you) but possibly it’s my custome configured firefox plugin that is causing a problem otherwise that you’ve got a genuine site.

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