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Aaaaaaaadventure time!

June 11, 2010

So recently, in April, the television channel Cartoon Network(Which is based in Atlanta, I might add) launched a show called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, or just Adventure Time to the true fans, as well as people who don’t want to waste time saying the whole name.

Image belongs to Cartoon Network

The show is created by Pendleton Ward, who is apparently a genius. His show depicts two best friends, Finn and Jake, who are self-titled adventurers.

Finn the Human, Jake the Dog

They travel the land of Ooo, searching for adventure and a righteous good time. The show is drawn in a cartoony, cute, and yet creepy way, which enthralled me personally from the start. One good word for the show is bizarre. The theme song is fantastically simplistic, with ukulele-like strumming and soft vocals that come after a brief wipe over the land of Ooo, over the Ice Kingdom, the Candy Kingdom, some caves with a vampire, a forest with things like headphones and old computers scattered in it, etc. The show features a wide cast of characters, ranging from of course, Finn and Jake, to the astute Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom(Which is inhabited by candy-people), to the sassy, strange-sounding(She’s voiced by Pendleton Ward) Lumpy Space Princess, who comes from Lumpy Space where everyone is shaped roughly like colorful clouds of sorts, to the mean old Ice King, who is a sociopath and can’t get anyone to like him, and Lady Rainicorn, who is a strange dragon/unicorn/rainbow creature that speaks what sounds like Japanese and is Jake’s girlfriend.

Finn and Jake live in a large tree(In the episode Evicted, they are kicked out by a sexy vampire named Marceline), which has a strange feel to it. They go out adventuring and kicking monster butt, and wind up saving Princess Bubblegum time and time again. They encounter all sorts of strange beasts on their travels, which are very… well, strange. The show has witty dialogue and just plain goofyness abound, as well as interesting art and hilarious characters. The show hints at mature themes(In the first episode Finn stalls for another character, and tells Jake during a party that it’s time for seven minutes of heaven in the closet with Rainicorn, etc.) and sophisticated themes(Finn and Jake run across four or five frozen businessmen who are obviously out of jobs and have become business zombies of sorts *hint hint*), and has crazy, rambling storylines that get you laughing and rubbing your eyes in disbelief at what just happened. I find myself saying “What the heck?!” a lot.

The show launches you into the world/land of Ooo every time, leaving you feeling like it’s a persistent and actual world with characters that pop up out of nowhere that aren’t ‘properly’ introduced, who Finn and Jake know already. The show has several neat musical sequences, with a cool retro-80s sound to the soundtrack. Finn has apparently swallowed a computer at some point, and can sing in a very techno-y and auto-tune way. In Evicted, when the boys go house hunting it is turned into a music video with hilarious and extremely catchy tune and lyrics, which were apparently performed and written by Pendleton Ward.

Some might say the bizarre show may have a ‘saywhat??’ factor(Or at least, I say that). It certainly does, from Finn stealing a giant’s money from his wallet and using it as a parachute to make him barf of Jake, to a character vanishing mysteriously at the end of an episode after eating a crystal apple then giggling through a red crystal wonderland, the show is crazy upon crazy. But very funny. If you have not watched it before, I would recommend it to anyone who thinks their sense of humor is up for it. It is not for everyone. Your parents will most likely stare in confusion at it. You will most likely stare in confusion-silly, laughing confusion-at it. The website is here, and episodes air on Monday nights at 8:00 PM eastern time, 9:00 central.

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