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Welcome to the Crossing.

Oh yeah. So um, this is me. I\'m Jake. I want to be a writer. I don\'t really have a lot else to say.

Tuesday: Adventures with Lucas

October 27, 2010

So, I’ve decided to do Charlie McDonell-style blog post for each vlog I do. About a week ago my good friend Lucas invited me over to his house for his birthday. We were dropped off at the extremely high-class restaurant, you may have heard of it, it’s called Chick-Fil-A. From there we walked down the street to the movie theater and saw Inception, which was amazingness. So the video here features he and I hanging out at his place and riding around on his longboard he recieved for his birthday.

THE THING HAS A CURSE. I swear. I rode it down a hill, it went into a death wobble and I aborted by diving off into the grass. Except I missed the grass and scraped up various parts of my body, which you can see in the video. He’s also wiped out on it, scraping himself up worse than I did. Now you know why I said, “I’ll try not to kill myself” on the video

But anyways, very fun weekend. Thanks Lucas for being the kind of friend to just invite me along, that was awesome.


Watching history: Hailey liveblogs on my facebook Wall

October 13, 2010

This pretty much sums up the events of last night in Chile. To be read bottom to top.

Inside the utba.

September 21, 2010

In my room I have a loft bed from Ikea.

Under that loft bed I have a desk.

I have covered the desk and the surrounding area in things, such as a Star Wars postcard I bought at a convention, or a cheap Mario mushroom that used to have some kind of candy in it (I ate the candy).

To my left on the wall is The Wall, which needs a better name. It is composed of all sorts of things tacked up with thumbtacks (Not a very wise decision, now I can never move the stuff).

Things like a picture printed from the internet of Thomas the Tank Engine being graffiti-ed upon by hooligans, or a Dragon*Con attendee badge autographed by a Mythbuster, or perhaps the page torn out of my Far Side Gallery I with my favorite comic on it, full-page. One of my personal favorites is the photograph from the mid-80s of my father in his underwear, with a toothbrush in his mouth. He had a mullet.

I call this space the UTBA: Under The Bed Area. I intended to make a sign but never got around to it.

This is where I write, amongst other things.

I rely on this space to create. It’s my constant inspiration.

I often wish I could just cram my entire room into this area, my bookshelf (Ikea), my beanbag chair, my orange Herman Miller chair that used to be in an airport in the 60s.

I have a curtain that used to be in the shower in our house, which I repurposed after we began remodeling the bathroom. This curtain hangs from the entrance to the utba, mostly cutting me off from the rest of my room and the house beyond.

I will often spend great amounts of time in the utba until my rear is sore of sitting (office chair, also from Ikea), and my eyes hurt from staring at my incredibly outdated laptop.

The funny thing is that as inspiring as the utba is, it can be very distracting. I can spend minutes at a time fiddling with the little things in it, making sure they look just right, or making sure my desk is clear, or even just spinning around and picking up the book I have sitting there behind me under the hotel room keycard from a Sheraton I stayed at in DC.

So really, I can’t live with or without this area. I’m not sure why I wanted to tell you this, but here we are.

Tuesday: Blame Hailey

August 28, 2010

Jake explains the not-missed absence of the sometimescreative team, and takes a shower.

Facebook is crap.

August 18, 2010

So yesterday afternoon, I proceeded to sit down at the computer and open up Facebook, as I always do, as EVERYONE does.

I was strangely logged out, and I typed in my email and then password, and something rather troubling came up.

What is this?! I didn’t disable my account. I was instantly bewildered, and thinking it was glitch, I reloaded the page and tried again. Nothing. After trying several times, I went to the FAQ and did some poking around, to find that Facebook’s coverage of restoring a disabled account is painfully scanty. They said that the reasons could be I was violating the rules and had received warnings but kept up anyway, had been hacked, had disabled it myself, or that it was server error and the message didn’t say ‘disabled’ at all. Thanks, Facebook. That’s very helpful.

Seeing as none of these had happened, I sent a retrieval form of sorts to them through the ‘I am a naughty rule-breaker’ topic,  and had some very confusing email pop into my inbox telling me to reply and verify that I was using the right email, but my mail program told me that the reply address wasn’t real, etc.

I did some poking around and found a blog post that spoke of the unspoken horrors of Facebook: They will disable your account whenever they feel like it, using some pretty lame excuses to do so. If you use a nickname or any other name that isn’t on your birth certificate, they will boot you out. if you post to many times to someone else’s wall, if you have to many friends, if you use the messaging system too much, even if you so much as POKE TOO MUCH, they will kick you out.

The only thing that I could have possibly done is the nickname thing. I used the name ‘Jake’, instead of ‘John’. Come one. EVERYONE, even since before I had an official name, has called me Jake. I wouldn’t even think to use the name John at all. So this is the only reason that I can fathom that I was booted out, I thought, and went about trying to contact them.

Then today, my sister attempts to log in to her account this morning, and BAM, she’s disabled as well. Facebook apparently told her that she was not who she said she was. She didn’t even use a nickname. The only thing she did was lie about her age for a few months ahead. but we have a friend who’s eleven and has been on there for two years, and has a nickname, and hasn’t been kicked out yet. So I don’t know if Facebook has some sort of grudge against our family, or has discovered that we are actually Yetis, or what, but I am starting to feel paranoid. HOW do they know that my name isn’t actually, legally, Jake? HOW do they know that my sister isn’t actually thirteen yet? WHY do they care?

If this has happened to you, please speak up. Facebook needs to change their disabling policies, and fast. Facebook is an important means of communication for me, as it is millions of other people. Nicknames aren’t a reason to suddenly kick someone out for.


Oh YouTube… how silly…

August 13, 2010

So if you turn on the caption on YouTube, you can get some pretty funny things, right?

And so I combined a few of these just for fun. There’s this one:

And then this one:

Friday: Writing and Vegetarian-ism

August 13, 2010

Jake tries to get back into writing, responds to the outlandish picture of himself, talks about his sister’s recent cross to the dark side, and does a very special dance.